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High-resolution comparative mapping among man, cattle and mouse suggests a role for repeat sequences in mammalian genome evolution Inra
Schibler, L.; Roig, A.; MAHE (Collaborateur); Laurent, P.; Hayes, H.; Rodolphe, F.; Cribiu, E..
Background: Comparative mapping provides new insights into the evolutionary history ofgenomes. In particular, recent studies in mammals have suggested a role for segmental duplicationin genome evolution. In some species such as Drosophila or maize, transposable elements (TEs)have been shown to be involved in chromosomal rearrangements. In this work, we have exploredthe presence of interspersed repeats in regions of chromosomal rearrangements, using an updatedhigh-resolution integrated comparative map among cattle, man and mouse.Results: The bovine, human and mouse comparative autosomal map has been constructed usingdata from bovine genetic and physical maps and from FISH-mapping studies. We confirm mostprevious results but also reveal some discrepancies. A...
Ano: 2006 URL:
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