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The Agricultural Survey and Postharvest Handling Research of Avocado in Taiwan Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
Min-Chi Hsu.
[[abstract]]The technology for improving postharvest handling from growing field to consumers has been the major subject of detailed research for over a century. The cost for harvest and postharvest up to 30% to 60% of all production and marketing system during horticultural produce, and significant quality loss due to improper processing. Technologies involved in handling, packaging, precooling, transportation, which would minimize losses, maintain high quality, and enhance value-added for horticultural crops that had been extensively applied in Taiwan. For example, precooling is the most common practice, and forced air cooling and vacuum cooling are widely adapted. In this article, information of current postharvest technology in Taiwan, including value,...
Palavras-chave: Technology on Reducing Post-harvest Losses and Maintaining Quality of Fruits and Vegetables: Proceedings of 2010 AARDO Workshop; [[classification]]6.
Ano: 2010
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