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X-Ray induced Semisterility of Rice Not Involving Chromosome Aberrations Easily Detectable by Cytological Means Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
C.S. Huang; N.T. Chuang; 黃真生; 莊南田.
[[abstract]]Among the 87 X3 lines of rice segregated for seed fertility, 22 were found normal in chromosome behavior at diakinesis or metaphase-I in both fertile and semisterile plants. The frequencies of the individual seedset percentages in most of these 22 lines distributed in continuous manners, otherwise in a ratio of 1:1. Semisterile plants of 1:1 segregating X3 lines tended to produce progenies segregated in 1:1, while those of the continuously segregating lines showed relatively unstable breeding behavior. The fertile plants in the stable X4 lines were testcrossed on the original variety, Taichung 65, and 12 homozygotes that set seed normally and bred true were isolated. The similar segregation for seed fertility re-occurred in the respective...
Palavras-chave: [[classification]]6.
Ano: 1973
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