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ARGO requirements for more rapid and easier access to CTD data OceanDocs
Pouliquen, S.; Diggs, S.; Roemmich, D.; Gould, J.; Desaubies, Y..
Argo is the most visible and innovative new element of the sustained observing system for the open ocean. Since mid-2004 it has become the most abundant source of profile data from the ocean and that abundance will continue to increase as the array grows to its target of 3000 floats that will deliver 100,000 CTD profiles per year by 2007. Paradoxically, the existence of Argo has highlighted the importance of research ship-based CTD observations. Argo floats are expendable, consequently there is no opportunity to do laboratory calibrations to check sensor drift. A method has been devised to estimate sensor drift by making comparisons with nearby (in space and time) CTD profiles collected by research ships and by comparing new and old floats. This method is...
Tipo: Conference Material
Ano: 2007 URL:
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