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Les gènes de l'amylase chez l'huître creuse Crassostrea gigas : transmission et mise en évidence des pressions sélectives ArchiMer
Rambelo-ramanitra, Seheno.
Abnormal massive mortalities of oysters Crassostrea gigas during the estival period are a phenonmenon described in the literature since forty years. A certain number of studies show that it could exist a genectic base with these mortalities. In front of the economic interest that the oyster production in France represents, IFREMER set up program MOREST, gathering the fiels of physiology, pathology and the genetics. This study in interested in rare genotypes, determined by PCR-RFLP, presenting three bands for one or two A and B amylase genes, met in the families MOREST and the polymorphic population for amylase genes, made up starting from crossing of the hierarchical type. It aims at making a follow-up of the segregation of the alleles at the progeny, as...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Crassostrea gigas; Extraction d'ADN; Amylase; Polymorphisme; Génotypes; Crassostrea gigas; DNA Extraction; Amylase; Polymorphism; Genotypes.
Ano: 2002 URL:
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