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Collision and strike-slip faulting in the Northern Molucca sea (Philippines and Indonesia) : preliminary results of a morphotectonic study IRD
Rangin, C; Dahrin, D.; Quebral, R.; Bader, A.G.; Cadet, J.P.; Caglarcan, G.; Deffontaines, B.; Deplus, C.; Corpus, E.G.; Hall, R.; Hello, Yann; Malod, J.; Lallemand, S.; Layugan, D.B.; Louat, Rémy; Morales, R.; Pankow, K.; Pubellier, M.; Popoff, M.; Rodelas, R.T.; Yudho, T..
A swath mapping, gravity and single channel seismic survey was carried out in the northern Molucca Sea with R.V. L'Atalante. Preliminary interpretation of these data reveals the presence of an almost complete Sangihe arc and forearc. The Miangas-Pujada-Talaud ridge in the central part of the Molucca Sea appears to be a backstop within the Sangihe forearc. East of the ridge very contrasting terranes are separated by a major NW-SE crustal discontinuity interpreted as a left-lateral strike-slip fault. North of 6°N the Philipine Trench inner wall is dissected by NW-SE trending left-lateral strike-slip faults, resulting from the dominantly oblique convergence between colliding arcs. South of 6°N the westward subduction of the buoyant Snellius volcanic plateau,...
Ano: 1996 URL:
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