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Voluntary feed intake, nitrogen and phosphorus losses in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) fed increasing dietary levels of soy protein concentrate ArchiMer
Medale, Francoise; Boujard, Thierry; Vallee, Frédéric; Blanc, Denise; Mambrini, Muriel; Roem, Arjen; Kaushik, Sadasivam.
High energy extruded diets were formulated to contain the same level of protein supplied either by soy protein concentrate (SPC) or fish meal. Three experiments were performed in order to measure voluntary feed intake and feed waste, faecal losses and soluble losses of nitrogen and phosphorus in rainbow trout (average body weight: 100 g). Voluntary feed intake and growth performance of fish fed with demand feeders were not different when diets contained 0, 50 or 75 % SPC instead of fish meal. Total replacement of fish meal by SPC led to a significant decrease in feed intake and resulted in poor growth. This was partly due to methionine deficiency in the SPC based diet. With the addition of crystalline DL-methionine in the diets, an improvement of feed...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Digestibilité; Excrétion; Azote; Phosphore; Protéine de soja; Ingestion volontaire; Truite arc-en-ciel; Digestibility; Excretion; Nitrogen; Phosphorus; Soy protein; Voluntary feed intake; Rainbow trout.
Ano: 1998 URL:
Registros recuperados: 1
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