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Remote Sensing of Trichodesmium spp. mats in the Western Tropical South Pacific ArchiMer
Rousset, Guillaume; De Boissieu, Florian; Menkes, Christophe E.; Lefevre, Jerome; Frouin, Robert; Rodier, Martine; Ridoux, Vincent; Laran, Sophie; Bonnet, Sophie; Dupouy, Cecile.
Trichodesmium is the main nitrogen-fixing species in the South Pacific region, a hotspot for diazotrophy. Due to the paucity of in situ observations, methods for detecting Trichodesmium presence on a large scale have been investigated to assess the regional-to-global impact of these species on primary production and carbon cycling. A number of satellite-derived algorithms have been developed to identify Trichodesmium surface blooms, but determining with confidence their accuracy has been difficult, chiefly because of the scarcity of sea-truth information at time of satellite overpass. Here, we use a series of new cruises as well as airborne observational surveys in the South Pacific to quantify statistically the ability of these algorithms to discern...
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Ano: 2018 URL:
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