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Acceptance of Transgenic Milk in La Araucania Region,Chile Chilean J. Agric. Res.
Schnettler M,Berta; Sepúlveda B,Oriana; Ruiz F,Danilo.
Considering the high level of concern caused by genetically modified foods (GMF) in developed countries, the relevance of this variable in decision-making about the purchase of fluid milk among consumers in Temuco (La Araucanía Region, Chile) was determined. By means of a personal survey of 400 people and using conjoint analysis, it was determined that the presence of genetic modifications in food was more important (44.7%) than brand (29.5%) and price (25.5%) in the decision-making process. By cluster analysis three segments were identified; the largest group (46.5%) gave similar relevance to food production and brand, preferring genetically modified milk. For the second group (41.5%), the presence or absence of genetic modification was the most important...
Tipo: Journal article Palavras-chave: Genetically modified foods (GMF); Fluid milk; Cluster analysis; Conjoint analysis.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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