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Bushmeat networks link the forest to urban areas in the trifrontier region between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru Ecology and Society
van Vliet, Nathalie; Center for International Forestry Research;; Jonhson Neves de Aquino, Lindon; Universidade Federal do Amazonas;; Schor, Tatiana; Geography Department, Federal University of Amazonas; NEPECAB;; Hernandez, Sara; Independent Expert in Environmental Economics;; Nasi, Robert; Center for International Forestry Research;
Recent studies have intended to quantify urban consumption and trade in Amazonian towns. However, little is still known about the different ways in which bushmeat is made available in urban areas, including commercial and noncommercial flows, and how those flows contribute to link forests to urban livelihoods. In this study we qualitatively describe the structure and functioning of bushmeat flows in terms of species, catchment area, stakeholders involved, and the motivations for their activity in the main towns of the Amazon trifrontier region between Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. We show that bushmeat trade to urban areas exists under an organized but invisible commodity chain providing a source of income to about 195 persons. Bushmeat is made available...
Tipo: Peer-Reviewed Reports Palavras-chave: Amazon; Bushmeat; Exchange networks; Indigenous people; Trade; Urban areas.
Ano: 2015
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