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Application of Postharvest Technologies for Vegetable Crops in Taiwan Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute
Tsu-Tsuen Wang.
[[abstract]]The production of vegetables in Taiwan has the following characteristics: year-round production, multiple weather conditions, plentiful in species, and small farm system. Vegetable production and marketing teams are formed by growers that produce same kinds of vegetable in a region. It is a very common type of professional vegetable grower’s organization. They market their products under the same brand name by cooperative marketing. Due to faulty handling systems, vegetable crops suffered significant losses after shipment to Taipei in the 80’s. The recognition and application of postharvest technology in the late 80’s helped to improve the quality of vegetables and reduced the losses. The development of precooling methods, from top-icing and...
Palavras-chave: Technology on Reducing Post-harvest Losses and Maintaining Quality of Fruits and Vegetables: Proceedings of 2010 AARDO Workshop; [[classification]]6.
Ano: 2010
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