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Evaluation of fitness in F2 generations of Africa Biofortified Sorghum event 188 and weedy Sorghum bicolor ssp. drummondii Electron. J. Biotechnol.
Magomere,Titus; Obukosia,Silas; Albertsen,Mark; Wambugu,Florence; Kamanga,Daniel; Njuguna,Michael; Gaffney,Jim; Zhao,Zuo-Yu; Che,Ping; Aseta,Antony; Kimani,Esther; Mwasame,Evans.
Background: Introgression of transgenes from crops to their wild species may enhance the adaptive advantage and therefore the invasiveness of and weedy forms. The study evaluated the effect of Africa Biofortified Sorghum (ABS) genes from ABS event 188 on the vegetative and reproductive features of the F2 populations derived from crosses with Sorghum bicolor subsp. drummondii. Results: F1 populations were obtained from reciprocal crosses involving ABS event 188 and its null segregant with inbred weedy parents from S. bicolor subsp. drummondii. Four F2 populations and four parental populations were raised in RCBD with 4 replications in a confined field plot for two seasons. Vegetative and reproductive traits were evaluated. The vigour shown in the F2...
Tipo: Journal article Palavras-chave: Beta-carotene; Heterosis; Transgenics; Phospho-mannose isomarese.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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