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An innovative method for the biological control of Alternanthera philoxeroides Nature Precedings
Yusong Cao; Huiming Wang.
Biological invasion has become a serious global environmental problems and been considered as an important component of global change^1-2^. Invasions by alien species can have an impact at several levels of ecological complexity from genes to ecosystems^3-4^. Invasive alien species had seriously threated the biodiversity and natural ecosystems in China^5^, and caused economic losses by more than US$7 billion every year^6^. Alternanthera philoxeroides, commonly known as Alligator weed, is an invasive amphibious plant^7^. The effect of physical methods such as mechanical or artificial salvage, removal of A. philoxeroides were very limited. Moreover, these measure should be carried out very carefully or would easy lead to its rebound^8^. The mainly biological...
Tipo: Manuscript Palavras-chave: Biotechnology; Ecology; Plant Biology.
Ano: 2010 URL:
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