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The multi-use in wind farm projects: more conflicts or a win-win opportunity? ArchiMer
Lacroix, Denis; Pioch, Sylvain.
The pressures on the use of the seashore are steadily rising, not only in developed countries but worldwide. Anthropogenic activity has long impacted the marine continental shelf down to a depth of approximately -200 m. New activities are now affecting this coastal space such as renewable energies, recreational uses and aquaculture in addition to the traditional ones of navigation or fishing. This evolution raises new sources of conflict amongst users which can require state involvement in order to manage the different stakeholders and pressure groups. However, the coastal space still offers a large potential for development for two reasons. Firstly, the physical three dimensional potential of this space enables the whole water column to be used,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Integrated coastal zone management; Marine continental shelf management; Ecological engineering; Off-shore wind farm; Aquaculture; Artificial habitat; Eco-design; Green infrastructure.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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