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A reassessment of the phytogeographic characterization of Temperate Pacific South America RChHN
In 1980, a study of geographic distribution patterns and geographic affinities of benthic algae of temperate Pacific South America (5-55 ºS) provided a first characterization of these coasts. High endemism and limited floristic exchange with the Tropical Pacific and with islands in the South Pacific at various distances from the continent were two outstanding features of the marine flora. A partial blockage of species exchange partially accounted for a peculiar latitudinal pattern of species richness that increases with increasing latitudes. In contrast, there was reduced species richness in comparison with other climatically equivalent regions that have contact with more effective routes of migration. Over the last two decades, more than 30 taxonomic and...
Tipo: Journal article Palavras-chave: Benthic phytogeography; Isolation; Latitudinal patterns; Seaweeds; Temperate South America.
Ano: 2000 URL:
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