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Evolution of an oceanic anticyclone in the lee of Madeira Island: In situ and remote sensing survey ArchiMer
Caldeira, Rui M. A.; Stegner, Alexandre; Couvelard, Xavier; Araujo, Isabel B.; Testor, Pierre; Lorenzo, Alvaro.
Island wakes are areas of a strong eddy activity influencing the availability and transport of organic matter in the ocean which, in turn impact biological productivity. Despite this, eddy formation in the lee of North Atlantic tropical islands is scarcely documented, except for the Canary Islands. Moreover, the occurrence of anticyclones leeward of Madeira has seldom been detected. During the summer of 2011, a multiplatform approach, combining satellite data with in situ measurements, was used to study an anticyclonic eddy generated in the lee of the Madeira Island. The main objective was to confirm recent numerical evidence suggesting that orographically perturbed winds can induce anticyclonic eddies leeward of Madeira, particularly during summer months....
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Boundary-layer; Inertial instability; Mode water; Mixed layer; Intrathermocline eddies; Wake.
Ano: 2014 URL:
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