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Les associations bacteries-matiere particulaire en milieu pelagique cotier: Exemples de variations spatiales et temporelles ArchiMer
Jacq, Estelle; Prieur, D.
Studies concerning the respective role of free-living and particle-bound bacteria in pelagic ecosystems, sometimes gave opposite results. The comparative distribution of these bacterial patterns was studied in two sites of Brittany. In the Bay of Brest, a shallow and semi-enclosed area, the bacterial communities were dominated by the free-living forms, except during the phytoplankton bloom, which was accompanied by a clear increase of the particle-bound forms. Off the west coasts of Brittany, the Ushant front separates stratified water masses from mixed water masses. The distribution of particle-bound bacteria fluctuated according to the structure of the water masses and in mixed waters, was related to particulate matter from different origins. Results...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: ANE; France; Brittany Stratification Water masses Seasonal variations Bacteria Phytoplankton Epipsammon Microorganisms Suspended particulate matter.
Ano: 1984 URL:
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