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Operation and cleaning of ceramic membranes for the filtration of fish press liquor ArchiMer
Perez-galvez, Raul; Guadix, Emilia M.; Berge, Jean-pascal; Guadix, Antonio.
This paper assesses the performance of three ceramic membranes of average pore size 50 nm, 200 nm and 1.4 tan in the treatment of the press liquor resulting from a compaction operation of sardine by-products. To this end, 2 L of pre-filtered press liquor with an average protein content of 44 g/L were filtered during 3 h through the three membranes assayed. Unexpectedly, the membrane of larger pore size, presented the lowest values for the flux of permeate at steady state at 20 L/(m(2) h), while its average protein rejection (77%) was similar to that observed in the membrane of 200 nm. This fact was attributed to the difference in material of its active layer (a-alumina instead of zirconite). The cleaning efficiency of the membranes was assessed by the COD...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Fish processing; Ceramic membranes; Ultrafiltration; Fouling; Cleaning.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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