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A single bio-energetics growth and reproduction model for the oyster Crassostrea gigas in six Atlantic ecosystems ArchiMer
Alunno-bruscia, Marianne; Bourles, Yves; Maurer, Daniele; Robert, Stephane; Mazurie, Joseph; Gangnery, Aline; Goulletquer, Philippe; Pouvreau, Stephane.
Many studies based on bioenergetics growth models have investigated the effects of environmental factors on oyster (Crassostrea gigas) growth and physiology. However, most of these models are site-specific and cannot be applied to other culture sites without the re-estimation of parameters or re-formulation of some processes. We aimed to develop a generic growth model suitable for application in contrasting environments, with a constant set of parameters. We tested the oyster-DEB model (Bourlès et al. 2009) for the stimulation of C. gigas growth in different cohorts (spats and adults) at major shellfish culture sites in France, in several years: Arcachon (1993–1994); Marennes-Oléron (2007); Quiberon (1999, 2000, 2001); Rade de Brest (2008); Baie du...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: DEB theory; Modelling; Bivalves; Crassostrea gigas; Phytoplankton; Temperature effect; Coastal environment..
Ano: 2011 URL:
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