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Kinetics of conditioning layer formation on stainless steel ArchiMer
Compere, Chantal; Bellon Fontaine, M.-n.; Bertrand, P; Costa, D; Marcus, P; Poleunis, C; Pradier, C.m.; Rondot, B; Walls, M.g..
Adhesion of micro-organisms to surfaces in marine environments leads to biofouling. The deleterious effects of biofilm growth in the marine environment are numerous and include : energy losses due to increased fluid frictional resistance or to increased heat transfer resistance, risk of corrosion induced by micro-organisms, loss of optical properties, quality control and safety problems. Antifouling agents are generally used to protect surfaces from being affected by such a biofilm. These agents are toxic and can be persistent, causing harmful environmental and ecological effects. Moreover, the use of biocides and regular cleaning considerably increase the maintenance costs of marine industries. An improved knowledge of the biofilm adhesion mechanisms is...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Biofilm; Surface characterisation; Carbohydrates; Protein; Seawater; Conditioning layer.
Ano: 2001 URL:
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