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Assessment of tropical shrimp aquaculture impact on the environment in tropical countries, using hydrobiology, ecology and remote sensing as helping tools for diagnosis ArchiMer
Fuchs, Jacques; Martin, Jean-louis M.; Populus, Jacques.
After a period of rapid development of the sites (an increase in both reared surface area and production), tropical shrimp aquaculture is currently being faced with critical problems due to economical and ecological constraints. In many countries with favourable conditions for shrimp aquaculture such as indonesia or Vietnam, sites are often badly selected and/or over-exploited. This conducts to sorne extent to decreases or collapses in the production due to the difficulty in predicting the maximum production capacity of the sites. Furthermore, it appears that production sustainability depends on many factors among which socio-economy and ecolo gy are of prime importance. The STD3 project titled « Assessment of tropical shrimp aquaculture impact on the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Interaction aquaculture - environnement; Aquaculture crevettes; Critères écologiques et socio-économiques; Sélection de sites; Suivi du développement; Télédétection; SIG; Impact assessment; Coastal environment; Shrimp culture; Biological and socio-economic criteria; Site selection; Remote sensing; GIS.
Ano: 1998 URL:
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