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Evaluation de l’état de santé des habitats et peuplements de poissons de la zone de Voh-Koné-Pouembout, Campagnes de stations vidéo rotatives STAVIRO 2007-2013 ArchiMer
Giraud-carrier, Charlotte; Pelletier, Dominique.
• Conducted within the AMBIO project, this work deals with coral reef fish communities and associated habitats, in the New Caledonian lagoons. It aims at assessing the status and trends of habitats and mobile macrofauna in the Voh-Kone-Pouembout lagoon, in the light of demographic and industrial developments and accounting for the existing customary reserve of Oundjo. • It relies on 280 stations collected in 2007 and 2013 using the remote unbaited underwater video STAVIRO rotating technique, which were analysed to characterize habitat, fish assemblages, turtles and sea snakes, from a list of 490 species (AMBIO/A/1). • 143 species (including one turtle species and one sea snake species), belonging to 23 families were observed. The most frequent and abundant...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Biodiversité; Ichtyofaune; Habitat; Vidéo sous-marine; STAVIRO; Evaluation; Suivi; Impact anthropique; Aire Marine Protégée; Réserve coutumière; Ecosystème corallien; Nouvelle-Calédonie; Indicateur; Tableau de bord; Serveur de cartes; Sextant; PAMPA; Biodiversity; Fish assemblage; Habitat; Underwater video; STAVIRO; Monitoring and assessment; Anthropogenic impact; Marine Protected Area; MPA; Customary reserve; Coral reefs; New Caledonia; Indicator; Dashboard; Map server; Sextant; PAMPA.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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