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Ecologie du copépode calanoïde Paracartia grani. Implication dans le cycle de vie du parasite Marteilia refringens dans la lagune de Thau ArchiMer
Boyer, Séverine.
In this study, the life cycle of Paracartia grani, a calalloid copepod belonging to the Acartiidae family was determined in Thau lagoon. Indeed, the copepod involvement in the life cycle of the parasite Marteilia refringens affecting the bivalve productions is suspected. Mesozooplanktonic community .was monitored twice a month. over two years at a fixed station in the lagoon. Sampling has identified P. grani as the acartiid dominant species in summer. From April to January, the copepod is found in the water column while from February to early April it remains in the sediment as diapausing eggs. The analysis of the population structure (size spectmm, contribution of developmental stages and sex ratio) has revealed that there are in between 6 and 9...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Paracartia grani; Cycle de vie; Production d'oeufs; Oeufs de diapause; Mésozooplancton; Marteilia refringens; Mytilus galloprovincialisa; Ruditapes decussatus; PCR; Hybridation in situ; Lagune de Thau; Paracartia grani; Life cycle; Egg production; Diapause eggs; Mesozooplankton; Marteilia refringens; Mytilus galloprovincialis; Ruditapes decussatus; PCR; In situ hybridization; Thau lagoon.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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