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Mise en oeuvre de la DCE dans les zones littorales : préconisations pour le contrôle de surveillance et éléments pour le contrôle opérationnel ArchiMer
Grouhel-pellouin, Anne; Romana, Louis-alexandre.
The WFD monitoring requirements for surface waters were adapted to the coastal area with the selection of the relevant parameters to qualify the maritime ecosystems, with appropriate strategies of sampling. Ifremer and Cemagref for the fish indicator in the estuarine waters, are in charge of the elaboration of the monitoring programme in coastal waters (surveillance monitoring and operational monitoring). Ifremer has elaborated technical recommendations for the monitoring of the biological (benthic and phytoplanctonic) and chemical elements, according to many years of observations by the french monitoring networks (RNO, Rephy, Rinbio, RSL, Rebent). These recommendations were established within experts groups They clarify the parameters, the analytical...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Échéances 2006 et 2009; Directive Cadre Européenne sur l'Eau (DCE).
Ano: 2006 URL:
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