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Les engins de pêche passifs ArchiMer
George, Jean-paul; Deschamps, Gerard.
At the request of local correspondents of the statistical system, an internship about fishing vessels was organised. The goal of this internship was to show the diversity, variability and specificity of "passive" (or sleeping) vessels, depending, on the one hand, on the region or the country, and on the other hand, on the researched species. The report's table of contents: General Points Lines and ropes Selectivity Ship Owners' Report Nets Mesh Nets Cast Nets Lift Nets Traps Lines and Hooks Handlines Trolling Lines Longlines FADs Fitting out the Boats Line Haulers Gillneters Lobster Pot Boats Boulters Vessel/Species Compatibility ETS Le Drezen Visit Classification of fishing vessels List of "fishing technology" videos Documents in French about "fishing...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Fishing gea; Engins passifs; Technologie Pêche.
Ano: 1994 URL:
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