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A model of fluff layer erosion and subsequent bed erosion in the presence of the bioturbator, Hydrobia ulvae ArchiMer
Orvain, Francis; Le Hir, Pierre; Sauriau, Pierre-guy.
Previous studies have shown that the gastropod Hydrobia ulvae destabilizes the top layers of fine-grained sediments. This process is mediated by the formation of a "biogenic" fluff layer that includes tracks, faecal pellets and mucus. This fluff layer has been shown to be easily resuspended before general bed erosion. In order to examine how fluff layer and bed. erosion interact, flume experiments were performed with fluid sediments of varying water contents. Ten thousand snails were placed and allowed to crawl for 5 h on the sediment surface, and then the resuspended sediment mass was measured in response to step-wise shear stress increases. Two distinct erosion phases were observed: (1) initial resuspension of the fluff layer and (2) the subsequent bed...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Gastropoda; Erosion sediment; Bioturbation; Cohesive sediment; Marine sediment.
Ano: 2003 URL:
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