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Combining Individual Phenotypes of Feed Intake With Genomic Data to Improve Feed Efficiency in Sea Bass ArchiMer
Besson, Mathieu; Allal, Francois; Chatain, Beatrice; Vergnet, Alain; Clota, Frederic; Vandeputte, Marc.
Measuring individual feed intake of fish in farms is complex and precludes selective breeding for feed conversion ratio (FCR). Here, we estimated the individual FCR of 588 sea bass using individual rearing under restricted feeding. These fish were also phenotyped for their weight loss at fasting and muscle fat content that were possibly linked to FCR. The 588 fish were derived from a full factorial mating between parental lines divergently selected for high (F+) or low (F–) weight loss at fasting. The pedigree was known back to the great grand-parents. A subset of 400 offspring and their ancestors were genotyped for 1,110 SNPs which allowed to calculate the genomic heritability of traits. Individual FCR and growth rate in aquarium were both heritable...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Aquaculture; Feed conversion ratio; Fine phenotyping; Genomic selection; Individual feed intake; Restricted feeding; Selective breeding.
Ano: 2019 URL:
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