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Lakes water quality monitoring and management programme in developing countries OceanDocs
Mutia, Silas M.
Developing Countries face an array of traditional and modern lakes water quality problems ranging from faecal contamination to toxic chemicals. Moreover, they do so in an economic environment that is severely restricted, an institutional environment which is often poorly structured, and for which the modern scientific knowledge base is frequently poorly understood and applied. Agencies in many developing countries recognize this as major impediment to sustainable development, especially as water quality has become one of the leading economic issues for the purposes of development and investment. Generally water quality programmes tend to suffer from traditional approaches, both of methodology and legal/administrative. The Consequence is that many...
Tipo: Proceedings Paper Palavras-chave: Water quality; Water resources; Water management; Resource development; Water pollution; Environmental monitoring; Inland waters; Water reservoirs; Freshwater lakes; Developing countries; Water quality; Water resources; Resource development; Environmental monitoring; Water management; Water pollution; Inland waters; Water reservoirs; Developing countries; Http://; Http://; Http://; Http://; Http://; Http://; Http://; Http://; Http://
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