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Innovative design and management to boost functional biodiversity of organic orchards Organic Eprints
Sigsgaard, Lene; Warlop, Francois; Herz, Annette; Tchamitchian, Marc; Porcel, Mario; Kelderer, Markus; Jamar, Laurent; Korsgaard, Maren; Ralle, Baiba; Penvern, Servane; Pfiffner, Lukas; Weibel, Franco.
Organic fruit growers often suffer economic losses due to insect damages. The available natural pest control products are not always effective; and most important: many organic fruit growers would prefer not to use any pesticide at all. Growing flowers in order to gain more natural enemies, and hence less pests is a technique called Functional Agro-Biodiversity (FAB). Ongoing research in this CORE Organic Plus project aims to collect existing knowledge and generate new knowledge in order to use FAB successfully in orchards.
Tipo: Conference paper, poster, etc. Palavras-chave: Indicators and other value-laden measures Systems research and participatory research Technology transfer Biodiversity and ecosystem services Crop health; Quality; Protection.
Ano: 2016 URL:
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