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The influence of cultural identity on willingness to pay values in contingent valuation surveys AgEcon
Awatere, Shaun.
Current New Zealand resource management legislation requires local government actively recognise and take into account Māori values in resource management planning. This means the decision process and participants must interact with evidence based on Māori epistemologies. The Māori world-view is holistic in nature in that it embodies historical, environmental, and spiritual values, as well as modern experiences. Concerns arise for Māori communities when planners and developers utilise economic tools such as willingness to pay surveys to determine the total value of a proposed project. Other concerns are caused by surveys that ask a participant “are you Māori” and fail to recognise the diverse realities that exist for Māori. This paper draws from a survey...
Tipo: Conference Paper or Presentation Palavras-chave: Māori; Indigenous; Culture; Natural Resource Management; Well-being; Values; Contingent Valuation; Community/Rural/Urban Development; Environmental Economics and Policy; Institutional and Behavioral Economics; Political Economy.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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