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Contribution of climate variability to occurrences of anoxic crises 'malaigues' in the Thau lagoon (southern France) ArchiMer
Harzallah, Ali; Chapelle, Annie.
The Thau lagoon, located in southern France, suffers episodically in summer from anoxic crises known as 'malaigues'. Such crises mostly occur under warm conditions and low winds. In this paper we investigated effects of local weather conditions (air temperature, wind speed and precipitation over southern France), and two climate oscillations (the North Atlantic Oscillation and the El Ni (n) over tildeo Oscillation) on malaigue occurrences based on 33-year data series and dates when malaigues appeared. The study shows that the probability of occurrence of malaigues increases with increasing temperature and decreasing winds in August both mostly associated to the high phase of an index of North Atlantic Oscillation. Malaigues are found to be frequently...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Lagoon; Thau; Malaigues; Anoxic crises; Climate variability; Lagune; Thau; Malaïgue; Eutrophisation; Variabilité climatique.
Ano: 2002 URL:
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