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Influence of Tropical Instability Waves on Phytoplankton Biomass near the Marquesas Islands ArchiMer
Martinez, Elodie; Raapoto, Hirohiti; Maes, Christophe; Maamaatuaihutapu, Keitapu.
The Marquesas form an isolated group of small islands in the Central South Pacific where quasi-permanent biological activity is observed. During La Niña events, this biological activity, shown by a net increase of chlorophyll-a concentration (Chl, a proxy of phytoplankton biomass), is particularly strong. It has been hypothesized that this strong activity is due to iron-rich waters advected from the equatorial region to the Marquesas by tropical instability waves (TIWs). Here we investigate this hypothesis over 18 years by combining satellite observations, re-analyses of ocean data, and Lagrangian diagnostics. Four La Niña events ranging from moderate to strong intensity occurred during this period, and our results show that the Chl plume within the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Tropical instability waves; La Nina; Chlorophyll-a concentration variability; Ocean colour; Island mass effect; Marquesas islands; Oceanography; Satellite observations.
Ano: 2018 URL:
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