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A complementary method for production of tetraploid Crassostrea gigas using crosses between diploids and tetraploids with cytochalasin B treatments ArchiMer
Mccombie, Helen; Ledu, Christophe; Phelipot, Pascal; Lapegue, Sylvie; Boudry, Pierre; Gerard, Andre.
We present a new method to produce tetraploid Crassostrea gigas by cytochalasin B inhibition of polar body 2 expulsion in diploid females crossed with tetraploid males. This offers a means of direct introgression of genetic characters from selected diploid to tetraploid lines, avoiding a triploid step. Offspring larval ploidy shifted over time and depended on size, with tetraploids more frequent among the smaller larvae and triploids among the large. Viable tetraploids were found at 4 and 6 months, indicating the technique was successful. The possibility that gynogenesis occurred was tested by microsatellite analysis to confirm the presence of paternally inherited alleles. These were present in all animals of the 2n x 4n + CB (female first) cross. However,...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Oyster breeding; Gynogenesis; Polar body; Cytochalasin B; Polyploidy; Crassostrea gigas.
Ano: 2005 URL:
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