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Le renouvellement des flottilles en France de 1945 à 1983 : discours, contexte et réalisations ArchiMer
Meuriot, Eric.
This study recounts the policies on fishing fleet renewal in France from 1945 to 1983. The views held by sector professionals and the public authorities on the role of fleet renewal in fisheries economy are put into context in terms of stock abundance, access to fishing grounds, the state of the market, etc. The consequences of the lack of consistent guidelines for distributing the resources between competing fleets, foreign or national, are presented. The limits of the stances held on technical "progress" and "reasonable" management of resources are discussed. Other, complementary lines of research to undertake are proposed as a conclusion. Many tables and figures illustrate the text.
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: France; Gestion rationnelle; Progrès techniques; Flottilles; Politique économique; Pêche; Economie.
Ano: 1985 URL:
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