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Apport des informations moléculaires et cellulaires pour la caractérisation de la résistance de l'huître plate européenne vis-à-vis de la bonamiose, et pour la détection de signatures de la sélection naturelle ArchiMer
Harrang, Estelle.
The European flat oyster, an endemic species from European coasts, has been classified in the category of "endangered and/or declining species" since 2003. Indeed, the natural beds of this oyster, consumed since ancient times, have gradually been decimated by over-exploitation and by successive emergence of parasitic diseases. The parasite that causes the disease called bonamiosis has contributed to drastically reduce the French and European aquacultural production of flat oyster. Marine bivalve molluscs display two specificities that restrict possibilities to fight against diseases: they are grown in an open environment, and possess an innate immune system lacking in adaptive response. In this context, the selection of animaIs naturally resistant to...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Huître plate Européenne; Ostre edulis; Bonamiose; Bonamia ostreae; Marqueurs SNP; Expression génique; Activité hémocytaire; Cartographie de liaison; QTL; EQTL; Populations naturelles; Diversité génétique; Sélection naturelle; European flat oyster; Ostrea edulis; Bonamiosis; Bonamia ostreae; SNP markers; Gene expression; Haemocytic activity; Linkage map; QTL; EQTL; Natural populations; Genetic diversity; Genetic structure; Natural selection.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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