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Adoption of Hybrid maize in Zambia: effects on gender roles, food consumption, and nutrition AgEcon
Kumar, Shubh K..
Enhanced agriculture productivity in sub-Saharan Africa is critical to promote economic growth and poverty alleviation and to avoid increasing food scarcities in the region. The impact of commercialization and intensification of agriculture on the well- being of the rural poor depends on how they are carried out. Past research by IFPRI and collaborating institutions on commercialization of small- scale farming in about a dozen countries provided new knowledge about the relationships between commercialization and rural well- being as measured by incomes, consumption, and nutrition. These links were shown to depend greatly on household behavior, which in turn is influenced by intrahousehold processes. A better understanding of these processes is likely to...
Tipo: Report Palavras-chave: Corn industry; Zambia; Eastern Province; Hybrid corn; Economic aspects; Food consumption; Nutrition; Agricultural laborers; Sex role in work environment; Crop Production/Industries; Food Consumption/Nutrition/Food Safety.
Ano: 1994 URL:
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