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Global agricultural market trends and their impacts on European Union agriculture AgEcon
von Witzke, Harald; Noleppa, Steffen; Schwarz, Gerald.
The economic, political and climatic conditions in which farmers around the world have to make their production and investment decisions are changing dramatically. This study analyses the driving forces of changes in agricultural world markets and their implications for European Union agriculture for the time period 2003/05 - 2013/15. The impacts on European Union agriculture are quantified using of a multi-market-model. The mega-trend of declining world market prices has ended. Since the turn of the millennium world market prices for agricultural goods have been increasing. This trend can be expected to continue. Not only will prices have a tendency to increase, but also fluctuations of agricultural world market prices are likely to be higher in the...
Tipo: Working or Discussion Paper Palavras-chave: World agriculture; Food security; Climate change; Agriculture productivity growth; Weltlandwirtschaft; Sicherung der Welternährung; Landwirtschaftliches Produktivitätswachstum; International Relations/Trade.
Ano: 2008 URL:
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