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Origine, devenir et contrôle de la matière particulaire dans les élevages de poissons marins en système recyclé ArchiMer
Franco, Miguel.
The particulate matter plays an essential role in the functioning of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Rich in organic substances, it provides ideal conditions for the bacterial development, which contribute to its mineralization. The understanding of interactions between the bio-geochemical cycles of carbon and nitrogen in these processes is necessary to define an effective and adapted management of aquaculture facilities. A methodology using natural stable isotopes (13C and 15N) and elemental carbon and nitrogen analysis on particulate matter, allows to identify its sources and to quantify its fluxes. Applying this methodology, we found an enrichment of 13C in dorsal muscle of reared fish and non differences of 13C in fish liver compared to the...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Nitrogen; Carbon; Isotopes; Organic matter; Particulate matter; Dicentrarchus labrax; Seabass; Recirculating systems; Aquaculture; Azote; Carbone; Isotopes; Matière organique; Matière particulaire; Dicentrarchus labrax; Bar; Système de recirculation; Aquaculture.
Ano: 2003 URL:
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