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Etude des effets de la sélection sur les gènes de l'amylase chez une population d'huître creuse Crassostrea gigas en fonction des conditions trophiques précoces ArchiMer
Sauvage, Christopher.
In natural population of the Pacific cupped oyster, there are differences between allelic and genotypic frequencies for the A and B amylase genes. Set up a synthetical population of C. gigas, in which whole alleles and genotypes are better represented than in wild population, was done. An investigation links between trophic conditions applied during larvae developpment (in nursery), allelic frequencies for both amylase genes, oyster's individual waight and by the selectivity of summer mortalities during their exposition on the estran has been done. As a result, following facts have been observed : - On one side, an influence of the trophic condition applied during the larvae development on genotypic frequencies of the gene B of the amylase - On the other...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Crassostrea gigas; Amylase; Polymorphisme; Condition trophique; Crassostre gigas; Amylase; Polymorphim; Trophic condition.
Ano: 2003 URL:
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