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A Macroanatomical and Histological Study of the Uropygial Gland in the White Stork (Ciconia cicionia) International Journal of Morphology
Kozlu,Tolunay; Bozkurt,Yesim Akaydin; Ates,Sevinc.
The present study was aimed at the macroanatomical and histological investigation and the demonstration of the structural characteristics of the uropygial gland in the white stork. The uropygial gland of two adult male white storks constituted the material of the study. It was determined that the gland was situated subcutaneously in between the caudal aspect of the lumbosacral bone and the first coccygeal vertebrae. The gland was composed of two lobes, which displayed an oval appearance when viewed from above and resembled a water drop when observed medially. Tuft of feathers were present on the caudal margin of each lobe. The present study revealed that the uropygial gland of the white stork is a simple tubular gland, which discharges its secretion into...
Tipo: Journal article Palavras-chave: White stork; Uropygial gland; Anatomy; Histology.
Ano: 2011 URL:
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