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Caractérisation des effets du réchauffement climatique sur l'océan superficiel au cours des 50 dernières années ArchiMer
Hamon, Mathieu.
To identify and characterize the effects of global warming is one of the major scientific challenges of this new century. The rise of sea level, the hydrological changes are some consequences of this phenomenon which will influence all forms of life on Earth. Due to its high thermal capacity, it is estimated that 84% of the energy developed by global warming is stored in the first layers of the ocean. However, it is rather difficult to assess its overall impact over the last 50 years because the ocean is not warming uniformly and the inhomogeneous sampling (spatial and temporal) of oceanographic observations, instrumental errors (XBT) and biases related to the estimation process of global indicators can affect our assessment of the evolution of ocean...
Tipo: Text Palavras-chave: Réchauffement climatique; Observations in situ; Biais XBT; Reconstruction de champs; Contenu thermique; Contenu d’eau douce; Global warming; In situ measurement; XBT bias; Field reconstruction; Heat content; Freshwater content.
Ano: 2012 URL:
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